Journey as a Firefox Student Ambassador


I remember few weeks back when my semester was almost bidding it’s end and my classmates were dealing with exam tension, in midst of such a serious atmosphere I applied for Firefox Student Ambassador and within no time I received a congratulatory mail from Mozilla Firefox team with a warm welcome for becoming next Firefox Student Ambassador.

I couldn’t believe my eye for the first time but well I actually became Firefox Student Ambassador, with selection came my first set of tasks, my first community involvement with Mozilla Firefox team.

I came to know hidden facts behind Mozilla Journey and got in touch with their representatives. It was not the end now I can make cool apps for Mozilla Firefox open source platform, Acquire training and organise Firefox events in my region. Well excitement doesn’t end here, my next aim was to help people around me to know more about Mozilla Firefox.

I joined Firefox Friend’s Club and started promoting its activities. I even participated in SayHello challenge and discovered a new way to stay in touch with my buddies. After my serious attempts I received my first badge from Firefox for being it’s active student ambassador.Officially I completed my beginner journey by attaining this badge, now it was time for my first office hour with Mozilla team. I remember it was during my exam, as soon as my exam was over I rushed to attend my first office hour.Came to know so many things from this interactive session. After this interactive office hour, I decided to write this blog giving a brief experience of three week journey at Mozilla Firefox. There is a lot to achieve after this and I won’t stop. I will spread openness of firefox among my buddies and fellow mates. If you wanna know more about Mozilla Firefox community, feel free to ping me.

Thank you for reading this short description of my Firefox Student Ambassador Journey, Stay tuned, Lot more will be coming soon in future.



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