Mozilla Developer Network 10th Anniversary

Mozilla Developer Network is an awesome platform for all youngsters out there, it provides a learning platform for Web Technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is open to everyone and anyone can login to start contributing to various open source projects of Mozilla as well as copy and reuse the content under its Creative Commons license.


Isn’t that amazing?


Not only this, within this ten years, MDN now have 4 million users per month and more than 1000 volunteer editors per month. mdn

You can also be part of it’s open source community and gain professional web development insights as well as become a part of it’s events by being an active contributor.


Millions of Web developers from learners to hobbyists to full‐time professionals used this open source platform and contributed inspiring ideas for empowering the growth of open web.


So what are you waiting for?


Join MDN today and start contributing, let’s empower it’s open web vision and celebrate it’s ten year with innovative ideas.


You can visit MDN here :


If you want to know more, feel free to ping me.


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